Mixed race skin types can make it a little difficult when choosing skin foundations, or pressed powders. Often when we do choose a colour, it can make our face look whiter than the rest of our body, or the other problem is the foundation can go orange. I’m sure some […]

Parents and adults are given the responsibility of teaching children good eating habits. The first step in teaching them is by eating healthy. A child mimics adult behavior they see. If the adult influence in their young lives is eating vegetables and whole grains and enjoying them, this increases the […]

Regular exercise and physical activity are extremely important and good for your overall well-being and the development of your CHI. Here are some positive benefits to your overall well-being and CHI by regular exercise and physical activity: * You can reduce the risk of premature death. * You reduce the […]

When Alzheimer’s Disease is mentioned many people think of President Ronald Regan who struggled with the illness privately during the last years of his life. Because of Regan’s struggle, a lot of information has been disseminated about Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is thought of as an “old people’s disease” but it can […]