5 Benefits of Undulation

Life requires movement. At a minimum, this movement entails breath and circulation; at an idyllic state, it entails continual development. When we don’t move, we starve the body and incur lasting stagnation, injury, and illness. Through the use of regular movement, you can learn to prevent and cure muscular discomfort, maintain bodily health, and experience the enjoyment healthy living generates.

One form of movement you can perform from the convenience of your home, and in as little as five minutes a day is Undulation. These specialized movements take the form of various exercises designed to make everyday movements easier on the body by increasing flexibility, strength, and awareness, and nourishing the spine. Here are the top five reasons to incorporate Undulation into your daily routine:

1) Undulation increases flexibility

Many people think that stretching is the key to flexibility. And while stretching does offer a number of health benefits, and increases the flexibility of healthy muscles, it fails to address unhealthy muscles. Many times, our “problem” muscles are dehydrated, and have become encased in a stiff connective tissue that stretching can’t correct. If your muscles feel crunchy and tight, and stretching has failed to heal them, try performing simple Undulation exercises. The flowing micro-movements will makes muscles pliable and flexible.

2) Undulation strengthens core muscles

Hundreds of muscle fibers surround the spine. Despite this, the average person fails to engage most of these muscles, resulting in stiffness and back pain. Regular exercise routines neglect smaller muscles, such as the multifidi, semispinalis, and rotators, leaving them fallow and weak. The small, focused movements of Undulation however, engage the core, strengthening the muscles surrounding the spine.

3) Undulation movements nourish the spine

A series of fluid-filled discs serve as cushions between the vertebrae of the spine. When these discs aren’t in optimal condition, they can shrink and bulge, causing discomfort, and decreasing height in old age. Because the spine’s discs don’t receive direct blood supply, they depend on gently movement in order to stay healthy. Undulation provides the just the right amount of movement to nourish discs and ligaments.

4) Undulation increases body awareness

By being in-tune with your body, you can avoid the slew of injuries every-day life encourages. When you take a few minutes every day to listen to what your body needs, and respond accordingly, you begin to develop an awareness that benefits your entire life. Undulation can teach you to tune-in.

5) Undulation makes other movements easier

The spine is the center of movement, so when it is strong, healthy, and flexible, performing any kind of movement becomes easier. Even standing up from a seated position requires movement in the spine. Looking over your shoulder, bending over to pick something up, and swinging a golf club require even more spine movement. Undulation encourages the spinal well being that bring ease and comfort to all daily movements.

Michael Ortiz

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