A Dummies Guide to Seduction – Simple Step-by-Step Instructions Anyone Can Follow

As the saying goes, “You eat an elephant one bite at a time.” In the world of romance, seducing a woman is like one giant elephant.

The following is a step-by-step guide to seduction. Abide by these tips in order, and you’ve got the blueprint to a fulfilling love life.

First – Believe in yourself: As mushy as it sounds, this is crucial. Until you assess your self-worth and develop confidence, you won’t be able to attract women. Don’t even attempt seduction if you don’t believe in yourself.

Second – Walk your talk: Don’t just sit around talking about the gorgeous girl across the room…walk up and approach her! Abandon your fear of rejection, and know that just by conquering that fear, you’re succeeding.

Third – Act right: Now that you’re next to that gorgeous girl, you must consider your body language. Be approachable by smiling, and maintain eye contact with her. Refrain from physically touching her until after you’ve completed the next step.

Fourth – Build rapport: In other words, make her feel at ease with you. Find something in common with her, and use that to fuel a conversation. Throw a couple of funny jokes her way, and watch as she lets her guard down. After a while, further display your attraction by casually touching her arm to stress a point.

Fifth – Categorize yourself: By this, I mean make yourself a romantic option in her eyes. Don’t be too brotherly, or she’ll label you as friend material. Everything from your eyes to your words must hint at sexual attraction.

Sixth – Don’t go overboard: While you should indicate your attraction, too much intensity will do more harm than good. Gaze into her eyes without looking like a maniac, and never touch her any place inappropriate. A step-by-step guide to seduction is worthless without wise judgment.

Michael Ortiz

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