Benefits of Organic Soap

Organic soap will change the look and feel of your skin. The ingredients in handmade natural soap contain no pesticides or commercial chemicals. You can change many things in life, but moving to natural soap is one of the easiest and healthiest. There are many companies out there today producing soaps that are healthy for you and your family. Commercial off the shelf soaps contain many chemicals that are bad for your skin. These commercial chemicals are sometimes listed as long words, and to find true meaning of the them you need the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). When you use organic soap, you will see ingredients like natural olive oil or palm kernel oil. The soap is usually handmade and hand cut. Could you imagine giving your children pesticides to wash with? How about washing them down the drain to contaminate the water supply? Many people forget the water that goes down the drain eventually finds its way back to your drinking water.

My suggestion is for your skin, family and environment make the change today to organic soap. You will see amazing changes in the health of your skin in a very short period. I suffer from psoriasis, and it has helped me tremendously. In fact I have so much confidence in organic soap; I started my own company to help others. For your family and the environment, you can make a difference. Your family deserves better and so does the environment.

Organic soaps last longer to! The average 4.25 Oz bar will last two people about 2 1/2 weeks as long as you use a soap dish that drains and allows the soap to dry. I have had some customers even tell me they switched from shaving cream to organic soap. The lather and skin softening is amazing. Because it does not dry you out, it makes shaving that much easier on your skin. For many of the customers I have, they keep coming back for more because of the results. I am not promising magic, but I know you will enjoy the outcome. Your body deserves so much better in the form of skin care. Organic products will change the feel of your skin and moisture content. The glycerin in the soap allows you body to retain the moisture and not feel like elastic after the shower. Natural essential oils provide an awakening experience that allows your sense of smell to be excited. Knowing the fragrances come from nature and not synthetics will leave you wondering where they came from. The fragrances used in organic soap are natural and not synthetic like commercial soaps. This provides another level of protection for your body and the environment. With information like this how can you go wrong?

Michael Ortiz

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