Best containers for homemade products

Access to online information has enabled people to lead healthier lives. Using containers such as apothecary jars can be an excellent choice if you make your products at home. However, the key is to choose the proper material. You can find containers made of plastic, glass, or even metals, such as aluminium. But which is the best option to prevent your homemade products from getting easily damaged? If you plan to buy cosmetic bottles wholesale, it is crucial to ensure they are made of violet glass. What makes violet glass unique? It blocks harmful rays of light and revitalises the organic molecular structure of your products, resulting in longer-lasting freshness. It’s the enchanting power of ultraviolet light.

Why violet glass?

Violet glass blocks harmful rays of light while energising the organic molecular structure of your products, making them stay fresh for a longer time. This phenomenon occurs because light is composed of several rays, one of which speeds up the decomposition of organic products. Violet glass acts as a filter, allowing only the violet and ultraviolet rays of light to pass through. Since your homemade product does not come into contact with the harmful part of the light, its molecular structure remains stable for a longer time. Research conducted on cherry tomatoes’ deterioration in clear and violet glass containers highlights this fact. The cherry tomato in a clear glass container deteriorated in less than two weeks. In contrast, the one in violet glass remained intact for six months. Professor Hugo Niggli explained how cherry tomatoes were able to last six months. He discovered that ultraviolet light has a frequency range of 720-770 billion Hertz, which stimulates and revitalises the molecular structure of substances.

Limiting oxygen exposure

Oxygen is another element that contributes to the growth of bacteria, leading to product degradation. By preventing light from reaching the products and limiting oxygen exposure, your homemade products, such as creams, sauces, teas, and spices, can stay fresh longer. Even if you open your containers frequently, the oxygen left inside will not be enough to activate bacteria. The problem arises when you forget to close the container, allowing bacteria to consume more oxygen. If the container is closed, the bacteria cannot continue because the oxygen is depleted. When you limit the exposure of organic elements such as coffee or spices to light and oxygen, their molecular structure remains intact for longer. This results in fresh products for much longer than they would last in other types of containers

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