Best Friends and Faithful Friendships

In an effort to meet people and make friends, we all spend a lifetime joining all sorts of sports teams, clubs, organizations and committees, but in that whole lifetime of meeting thousands of people over many decades, we emerge with perhaps three best friends or so. There comes a point in everyone’s life, usually a low point, when one realizes exactly who is important and who really matters, and it is at this junction that one discovers one’s real friends really. It’s the point at which things go terribly wrong and everyone scatters, everyone except a few loyal, trustworthy, honest, compassionate, understanding, empathetic, sympathetic friends, the real ones, the keepers.

There are many variations of friends; comrades, associates, fair-weathers, acquaintances, back-stabbers, frenemies, best-friends. The friends that leave a sour taste in one’s mouth, the ones who are toxic, controlling, needy, obsessive, abusive and/or mean, the betraying back-stabbers who are insincere, poisonous, the users, individually and/or collectively contribute to meaningless, failed relationships and feeble friendships and are not even worth mentioning but I feel obliged to caution you to beware of those sorts and stay far away from them. Moving onwards, for today, the focus is on ‘best friends and faithful friendships’.

Best friends always have your back. In moments of powerlessness, despair and confusion, best friends come into your life, walk beside you, and never leave your side, irregardless of your shortcomings. You can always count on best friends to share; pain, joy, fears, hopes, dreams, visions, food, drink or just a good laugh and great company. Best friends are the best listeners; you can pour your heart out to them. When you are with your best friends, you feel comfortable, relaxed, refreshed and simply happy. Best friends are kind and non-judgemental; they are absolutely majestic and a source of joy no matter how distraught things seem. The greatest, best of friends are found sometimes in husbands, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, or just random friends, and they all provide the most fruitful friendships of all.

Faithful friendships are indestructible. These kinds of friendships give more and take less and provide a kind of safe place for you with no expectations or demands. True friendships exchange mutual respect and purpose and are rare and hard to find; you want to fight to keep these friendships, which by the way scientists have discovered is nourishing for your mind and soul.

It is noteworthy here to remind ourselves that best friends are human, and can make mistakes; you want to give and take and be forgiving when best friends make mistakes, and when they do, it is not nice to impose guilt and manipulate them. From my own experience, many of my friends have erred at least once and all things considered, I forgave them and now many are my treasured, most faithful best friends. I now enjoy the most radiant friendships ever. I will tell you this, be you and be there.

Michael Ortiz

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