Bodybuilder Workout For Fast Muscle Gains

Do you want to know what proper bodybuilder workout looks like and learn to do one yourself? If so, read on and I will show you the correct way to go about it. I will also provide you with plenty of bodybuilder workouts for you to use.

Bodybuilder Workout

I will point out from the start that you should not attempt to do an advanced bodybuilder workout, if you have not got much training experience. Because you will not get very good results from them. You have not built up enough tolerance in your muscles and cannot recover from them. If you are a beginner then stick to a beginner bodybuilder workout. Which is doing full body workouts, three times a week.

If you have used a beginner style bodybuilder workout for 6-12 months and feel that your progress is starting to stall. You can begin to use a different type of bodybuilder workout, some of which are detailed below.

Bodybuilder Workout: Volume Training

Volume training as the name suggests is a form of bodybuilding training, were you perform a lot of volume on a muscle. Usually you have to start using something called a body part split. This is where you train individual muscle groups during different sessions. This lets you concentrate on certain muscles to work them better, with more volume.

Volume training is one of the most popular and effective type of bodybuilder workout. Because it gets results fast and is proven to put on large amounts of muscle mass. Volume training usually uses larger rep ranges for few sets. For example: you could use a scheme of 3 sets for 12 repetitions, for 3-4 exercises.

Bodybuilder Workout: Strength Training

Strength training is not as popular as volume training, but is another proven and effective style of bodybuilder workout. Generally stronger muscles will be larger muscles. Normally strength training does not produce as good muscle building results as volume training. Because strength training does not provide enough volume of work to cause muscle damage. Which generally has to happen to force a muscle to rebuild and grow. None the less, strength training will give you far better results in the long run. It should be combined with volume training to give you the best muscle building results possible.

Bodybuilder Workout: High Intensity Training

High intensity training is were you increase the intensity of your workouts, normally by doing more work in less time. Generally you push yourself very hard for one set only, until you thoroughly exhaust a muscle. High intensity training is not as proven as the previous two bodybuilder workout types. But many people have gotten great results from this type of training. It also has shorter workouts, so could be worth checking out.

Bodybuilder Workout: Supersets & Tri-Sets

Supersets and tri-sets is a form of training where you do exercises directly after each other with very little rest in between. They are a great way of upping the intensity of a work and forcing your muscles to do more work in less time. On the downside you cannot use a heavy weight as with this type of training. They are good to use sometimes to bust through plateaus, but should be used sparingly.

Bodybuilder Workout: Density Training

Density training is another type of bodybuilder workout which will increase the intensity. Basically you do more work in less time. The easiest way to do this is to decrease the rest period between sets during your normal training session. Or alternatively you time your workout and keep doing more more within that time frame.

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