We requested our fitness experts to put together a compact list of do’s and don’ts for every beginner to follow. So for those of you who have taken that healthy decision to get off the couch and start exercising, we say, Bravo! You have taken the first step towards a […]

Movement is the use of the body to express the character’s story. It is the ability to project inner thoughts, emotions, needs, and wants using the body in motion. It can also reveal something about the character’s life and background. Movement is motivated from the viewpoint of the character, not […]

Are you trying to follow a workout routine and are unable to do so because of a hectic schedule? Many of us find it a bit of a challenge to follow a workout regime because we are so entangled and caught up in our daily routines that we are unable […]

As proud immigrants to America in the early 1900s, my parents worked hard and saved to secure a piece of The American Dream. MY PARENTS EMPHASIZED SAVING My parents raised their three American-born children with sound money management principles – the same ones that helped us secure a piece of […]