Drink Up Carrot’s Health Benefits

Carrots are root vegetables usually orange in color but there are other varieties in purple, red and white. This vegetable is not just a Bugs Bunny favorite but carrots can also provide numerous health benefits. The carrot, known for its Beta-carotene content, can also be a juice where the said nutrient can be maximized.

To make a nutritious drink out of carrots, wash a piece of the vegetable along with one apple and one potato. Blend them together and add one-fourth teaspoon of fresh ginger. You may add lemon juice to increase the taste. Drinking this juice can increase the carrots’ health benefits because you can only get 3% of beta-carotene when it’s taken raw.

The carrot juice is not just refreshing. The carrots’ health benefits include being good for the eyesight. Beta-carotene protects the vision and can eliminate tired and dry eyes. When beta-carotene is changed into vitamin A in the liver, it goes to the retina where it is then converted into rhodopsin. Rhodopsin is a purple pigment that helps us in our night vision. Beta-carotene which is abundant in carrots can also prevent macular degeneration or visual impairment.

Preventing the development of cancer cells and being an effective anti-oxidant are also carrots’ health benefits. Research shows that eating or drinking at least 2.7 milligrams of carrots a day can reduce the risk of lung cancer. Vitamin A that is present in carrots can greatly fight lung problems like emphysema. Carrots can also strengthen the lungs and prevent high blood pressure. It was also find out that fiber rich carrots can lessen the risk of colon cancer. Carrots contain a phytonutrient called falcarinol that prevents colon cancer.

One of carrots’ health benefits is that they prevent heart attack. The level of cholesterol, which is a major reason for heart diseases, reduces by 11% when carrot is taken daily. The soluble fiber is the main factors in carrots that reduce the bad cholesterol. Carrots can also strengthen the immune system because of its carotenoid contents. Carotenoids, which are usually found in bright yellow and orange vegetables, can enhance the function of the immune system. When your immune system is in good condition, you can absolutely avoid having sicknesses.

Other carrots’ health benefits are being an aid to weight loss, lessen menstrual pain and help eliminate muscle pain from physical exhaustion. Carrots are rich in fiber and fiber is low in calories and fat. Fiber also helps in losing weight because the body does not digest it but simply pass through the body.

Drink the carrot juice or include carrots in your daily food consumption and see the difference in your energy in just three weeks. You can drink the juice twice a day to see the wonderful difference. Share the carrots’ health benefits with others and they will thank you for it.

Michael Ortiz

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