Elliptical Trainer Reviews – 3 You Should Definitely Consider

Elliptical Trainer Reviews: Lifecore Fitness LC-990

If you want an elliptical trainer of the same quality as those in your local fitness center without having to pay a commercial elliptical trainer price, the solidly constructed and durable Lifecore Fitness LC990 is the elliptical machine for you.

This machine can handle users weighing as much as three hundred and fifty pounds with no difficulty, and Lifecore is so sure of its capabilities that the Fitness LC-990 is backed with a lifetime guarantee on its frame and parts, and a five-year guarantee for everything else.

Priced at around $1500 (you can’t touch the commercial grade trainer seen in fitness centers for anywhere near that price), the Fitness LC-990 is not a machine meant to be moved from place to place. Its toughness is due in part to the weight of its components, so unless you have a place to put it permanently, you might want to consider a less substantial elliptical machine. But if you have a space for the Fitness LC-990, you won’t have to worry about looking for a replacement for a very long time.

Elliptical Trainer Reviews: The Proform 800

The Proform 800 is an elliptical trainer targeted at those fitness buffs who love lots of technological features. This machine can no only be connected to your PC; it will let you design a personalized workout routine and many of its users have likened it to having their own personal fitness trainers!

The downside of the Proform 800 is that, except for its technological bells and whistles, its early models did not utilize top of the line components. That flaw has been corrected, however, in the more recent versions of the Proform 800 elliptical trainers, which are also more durable.

The warranty on the Proform 800 leaves quite a bit to be desired. Because Proform offers only limited coverage for no more than two years, you might want to look for an alternative if you are a serious athlete who expects to use an elliptical regularly and intensely.

Elliptical Trainer Reviews: Sole E25

Inexpensive but well-designed and constructed, the Sole E25 elliptical trainer is a great entry level machine, with most of the features on higher-end ellipticals. And it has one feature which many of its more expensive competitors lack!

The Sole E25 has a longer stride than almost all other ellipticals, and it combines that generous stride length with an adjustable swing so that it is one of the most comfortable elliptical trainers you are likely to find.

The Sole E25 has neither the chest strap nor a few other minor features found on other machines, but the important ones are all there. You won’t find a better elliptical reviews in the same price range!

These elliptical trainer reviews should give you some idea of the most popular machines now available, but you should look for other reviews and take all the time you need to get informed on ellipticals before you decide to start shopping!

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