Feeding Your Red Eared Slider – 7 Easy to Prepare Foods Your Slider Will Love to Eat

Red eared slider turtles can live for many years. An easy way to help ensure a long life for your pet is by feeding your red eared slider a variety of healthy foods. Another benefit to introducing variety is that your turtle will not get bored with its meals if you make its diet interesting.

Vegetables and greens should make up at least half of an adult slider’s diet. While younger turtles do eat some greens, their diet should mostly consist of proteins.

When feeding plant material, you don’t have to give your slider the same boring lettuce time after time. What else would your pet love to eat?

* Carrot – Your slider will really enjoy shredded carrots. Carrots are very nutritious, and what could be easier than shredding up a carrot?

* Cabbage – More nutritious than the usual lettuce, and your slider will love crunching on this.

* Beets – Maybe an unusual choice to feed your turtle, but your pet will thank you!

* Radish leaves – Another tasty choice for your slider.

* Green beans – What could be better than fresh green beans?

* Squash – An easy-to-find food that your turtle will enjoy.

* Dandelion greens – These are an easy food to feed your slider. You can even pick these from your own backyard! Just make sure they’re pesticide free.

When feeding vegetables and greens, they should be cut or shredded into small pieces to allow your turtle to easily eat them and placed in the water of your pet’s home or in a separate feeding container if you’re feeding your slider that way.

Michael Ortiz

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