Flight Case Buying Guide

Flight cases are a little different from regular ones because they are often used to transport very fragile and equipment. These containers need to be strong enough to withstand extreme environments and lightweight so that it is easy to handle and move them around.

A flight case has the following parts: steel ball corners, handles, aluminum extrusions, and butterfly latches. All of them are held together with rivets. These storage boxes are strong enough to withstand blows and bumps.

You can find them in a myriad of sizes and shapes, made for a diverse range of purposes. There are the ones with wheels that also feature a flip-open or detachable lid. The insides of the aluminum flight cases are lined with foam to offer optimal protection to the contents inside them.

What are Flight Cases Used to Transport?

You can use these storage boxes to transport:

  • Weapons
  • Computers
  • DJ equipment
  • DIY equipment
  • Catering materials
  • Musical instruments
  • Photography and video equipment

Different Flight Case Types

1. Rack Model

These pieces include multiple racks (usually two or more) so that you can store large and small items separately. Certain instruments, fragile items, electronic equipment, and tools need organized spaces to stay secure and protected, and the rack types are best for transporting them.

You will find exclusive features such as panel-mounting, shock-mounted rack sleeving, robust compartments, and suspension systems to ensure that the contents are guarded against all kinds of impacts.

2. Lightweight Cases

Some of the most popular and best lightweight models are made from aluminum or solid plastic. These materials are lightweight and offer the best rigidity, strength, and durability, and are easy to carry and move around. However, plastic is avoided most of the time because they are comparatively less durable and are harmful to the environment. These lightweight ones are also easy to maneuver, and you can stack them easily with the rest of the cargo.

3. Hard Carry types

Test equipment and delicate objects such as laptops and cameras are some of the commonly transported items. These objects need cases that are made from tough materials to offer optimal protection. These flight boxes will come with additional latching, locking, and security measures. They are made from high-density materials with easy-to-grip handles.

4. Flight Cases on Wheels

Such transport containers with castors and wheels are a perfect choice due to their ease of maneuver and accessibility. These options come in several sizes with many other additional accessories.

5. Waterproof types

As the name suggests, these models protect the contents from moisture. Some of them also offer a fair amount of protection from dust and debris. If you want to purchase a waterproof model, we suggest that you look for the IP rating, which will get you the right product.

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