Free Tip To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Here is a free tip to prevent premature ejaculation:

Think about Carrot Top the comedian. This is an easy and effective free tip to prevent premature ejaculation and it will work immediately. Here’s how to do it:

First you want to go online and dig up a photo of the comedian Carrot Top. Give the photo a good look. Try to visually memorize it, then tuck it away in the back of your head.

Now, when you are having sex and feel ejaculation coming on, bring that image of the red headed comedian to the forefront of your mind. Think about the image and your ejaculation excitement will definitely subside to the point where you will be able to last much, much longer during sex.

WARNING: DO NOT keep thinking of the image or else you will lose your erection altogether. You simply want to bring the image in, allow your quick ejaculation desires to subside, then discard the image and think about sex once again. You will be starting fresh and it will take time to build back up the excitement to ejaculate. And once again, it’s too early, bring back the image of our favorite comedian and again your excitement will simmer down and you won’t ejaculate quickly.

ALTERNATIVE METHOD: Now some guys have trouble visualizing the online photo that they had looked up online. If this is the case, or to just play it safe, print out the photo. Then you can either:

  • Study it right before sex so it is fresh on your mind.
  • Keep it nearby, on a nightstand, and quickly try to glance at it during sex. You will have to physically move your head and focus your eyes onto the printed photo. This physical action alone is a great trigger to use to further distract your mind from the excitement at hand.

Now using this particular celebrity is just one example. You certainly can use any other whom you feel will positively downgrade your sexual excitement, enough to prevent premature ejaculation from occurring.

Michael Ortiz

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