How a Bodybuilding Workout Guide Can Help You in Building a Rock Solid Body in Under 26 Weeks!

Decided to take up bodybuilding to build a stronger, firmer and shapelier body you have always desire? Great! But do you have any idea where to start in pursuit of your dream?

“Easy, just walk right into a gym and start doing some of the exercises every day. That’s how bodybuilders get those muscles is it not?”

If that were your answer, then you would most likely end up disappointed like most beginners. It isn’t that simple. Read on to find out why.  

Bodybuilding or muscle gaining is not just about working out in the gym daily and doing some exercises. You need a well-planned workout schedule; you need to provide the right diet for your body to build those muscles and much more.

When I first started, I was totally ignorant so to speak. I plunged right in. I workout 7 days a week 3-4 hours a day for a full 6 months. But guess what, I did not get bigger or stronger at the end of 6 months. Instead, I was totally exhausted, a few strained and torn muscles and the same old body size and shape when I first started off.  

Perhaps I’m a hard gainer with a high metabolism and nothing I do will add an inch of muscle to my body. I was on the verge of giving up, thinking that it’s simply not working for me. But then a fellow buddy who was training in the same gym made me realize my mistakes.  

How wrong of me to think that I, a guy with no good foundation of any sort about bodybuilding could manage all these alone without any guidance at all! And this where a bodybuilding workout guide comes to the rescue, so to speak!  

First and foremost, I realized that you would definitely need to workout a training schedule. This would involve deciding the types of exercises to do, the number of sets and reps to perform, and the appropriate number of days to workout in the gym. You need to know what are the simple and compound exercises. Select compound exercises, which involves a group of muscles, to help build up muscles more effectively and faster. And don’t forget that you need to progressively improve on your performance to achieve the desire results as well.  

Secondly, I have totally ignored the importance of my diet. I thought that spending hours in the gym is all that is needed.  

Wrong again!  

The truth is, nutrition plays an even bigger role in building those muscles than exercises. Without the necessary nutrients your muscles simply will not grow no matter how hard you train in the gym. As such, planning and eating the right type of food is very important.

Supplement, though not a necessity will help hasten your muscle gain. But I was taught to only select the few that were proven to help in optimal muscle gain.

Lastly, You definitely need not workout long hours in the gym. Give your body the deserved rest and your muscles will repair and grow bigger and stronger. So, schedule your workout in such a way that will give you sufficient rest needed. This would mean deciding on the number of days and hours that you should spend training in the gym to give you the maximum gain. Remember. More doesn’t necessary means better!

Michael Ortiz

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