Know the Role of Mineral Supplements in Maintaining a Healthy Body

Minerals supplement is an important part of nutritional methods. Research has proven that the average American diet is deficient in important minerals still when one makes important attempts to eat perfect. Over the past half century, mineral content in food has declined up to 40% and along with the propensity of Americans to have fast convenient foods deficient in nutritional value it becomes apparent that we desperately need mineral supplements.

Calcium, Iron, Magnesium as well as Zinc are the most vital minerals needed by the body and products manufactured by various different companies. When buying mineral supplements, you must be sure that what you purchase provides the maximum advantages possible. This is easy to guarantee with Shaklee mineral products as they are always the most bio available and easily absorbed products combined in synergistic fashion through other important vitamins or minerals for maximum physiologic utilization and they are always manufactured in a natural way, free from fake dyes and preservatives.

If you want to maintain health bones and teeth, it is very important to have food which is high in calcium. Calcium mineral products can be used to assist prevent osteoporosis, gum disease as well as cardiac disorders and should be taken in mixing with Vitamin D plus Magnesium to ensure maximum activity. If you are looking for a supplement which can take care of your bone, cardiac and dental, opting for Shaklee’s OsteoMatrix is the best option for you as it is combined with calcium mineral products and more quality calcium mineral products.

Iron absence anemia affects over 3 million women in America today and over 90% of American women below the age of 50 do not get enough iron in their food. Taking the iron mineral products will help you to avoid impaired concentration, prevent fatigue and cooperated immune system because it is one of the important supplements of our body. Shaklee’s Iron Plus C Complex is the top in iron mineral supplements as it is combined in a natural proportion with Vitamin C to make sure maximum absorption.

Magnesium will also aid you in the regulation of energy production, muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmission.

Magnesium mineral supplements can help promote cardiovascular health, avoid mental disorders and may also provide release from PMS. Vital Mag is one amongst the best magnesium mineral supplements available because Shaklee has combined it with Potassium plus Boron in a specially prepared gel release formula to ensure proper cellular absorption as well as impulse transmission.

Zinc is very important in construction of a number of enzymes, important to proper functioning of the sexual organs, immune performance and may even help prevent acne. Shaklee’s Zinc Complex includes the most bio available type of zinc plus calcium in a vegan base of barley and alfalfa for easy absorption and utmost utilization making it the best of zinc mineral products available.

Shaklee mineral products are always manufactured in a natural way, devoid of synthetic flavors otherwise preservatives and as always, Shaklee provides a money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your top quality mineral supplements.

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