Minerals That Help the Body

Minerals are required to maintain good health and metabolism. There are 2 types of minerals based on their levels essential for the body and amounts that can be stored, namely macro and micro minerals.

Some benefits of macro-minerals are:

• Calcium: It helps in building strong teeth, bones; functioning of nerves and muscles; clotting of blood; metabolism; and regulation of blood pressure.
• Magnesium: It is essential for functioning of muscles, stimulating bone growth, metabolism and improving sensitivity of cells to insulin.
• Phosphorous: It keeps bones and teeth strong, forms essential part of enzymes, and assists metabolism. Benefits of micro-minerals are:
• Chromium: It assists in transfer of glucose in blood to the body cells.
• Copper: It is important for formation of red blood cells, nerve fiber, pigmentation of skin, and connective tissues.
• Iodine: It is required to make thyroid hormone.
• Iron: It is essential to produce hemoglobin for transportation of oxygen.
• Manganese: It forms bones and tendons; and important part of enzymes that are vital for the body’s metabolism.
• Molybdenum: It is an important part of enzymes required for metabolism and for storing iron.
• Selenium: Along with Vitamin-E, it prevents damage by oxidation of the cell membrane.
• Zinc: It is essential for supporting immunity, in reproduction system functioning and growth.

Some essential electrolytes are:

• Chloride: It helps in manufacturing digestive juices and maintaining body chemistry.
• Potassium: Along with sodium, it maintains balance of body fluids, and helps in the metabolism and functioning of muscles.
• Sodium: Along with potassium, it balances body fluid levels and helps in proper functioning of muscles.

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