NSAIDs List – A List of NSAIDs to Help Your Pain

General Definition: NSAIDs List

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or NSAIDs list is one registry of drugs one should get familiarize with. As NSAIDs are the most common over-the-counter drugs, it is just necessary that everyone should take chance of obtaining a copy of NSAIDs list. Having Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug list will enable people to determine the appropriate medicine that they should take when they have acquired fever or some bodily pains.

NSAIDs are medicines with analgesic and antipyretic effects. These drugs are usually composed with higher doses and are known for its anti-inflammatory effects. The word non-steroidal significantly emphasizes what is NSAIDs’ general composition and that these drugs do not contain steroids.

NSAIDs List of Drugs

The leading drugs in the NSAIDs list are those that highly common and can be purchased by anyone in almost all pharmacies or drugstores. Aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen, are those leading drugs that are available in all pharmacies worldwide.

Below are the common NSAIDs:

· Aspirin

· Etodolac

· Fenoprofen calcium

· Ketoprofen

· Meloxicam

· Diclofenac sodium

· Valdecoxib

· Diclofenac potassium

· Celecoxib

· Tolmetin sodium

· Diflunisal

· Magnesium salicylate

· Ibuprofen

· Naproxen

· Salsalate

· Meclofenamate sodium

· Flurbiprofen

· Mefenamic acid

· Choline salicylate

· Naproxen sodium

· Diclofenac sodium with misoprostol

· Choline and magnesium salicylates

· Sulindac

· Oxaprozin

· Piroxicam

· Indomethacin

· Rofecoxib

· Sodium salicylate

· Nabumetone

NSAIDs List: The Common Uses

Above NSAIDs list are commonly used for the following:

· Inflammatory bowel disease

· Cardiovascular Pain or Inflammation

· Gastrointestinal Pain or Inflammation

· Renal Pain or Inflammation

· Fevers

· Nerve Pains or Inflammation

· Common drugs used during pregnancy

· COX-2 and COX-3 Inhibitors

· Common body pains: headache, toothache, backache, etc

· Osteoarthritis

· Tissue injury

· Menstrual pain

· Acute gout

· Rheumatoid arthritis

Rarely happens that NSAIDs can cause severe conditions on patients. Known conditions that have had enhanced severities of ailments due to NSAIDs are the following:

· Interstitial nephritis

· Acute tubular necrosis

· Renal malfunction

· Nephrotic disease

NSAIDs list of drugs have had helped many individuals worldwide in surviving pains and inflammations. The presence of these drugs enables various patients to administer personally their medical needs. However, individuals should evaluate or observe their conditions if NSAIDs are the appropriate solution for their condition. For recurring pain or inflammation, patients should take chance to consult their local health professionals in order to know the appropriate medicine that should be taken. If you opt for more rigid and comprehensive usage and list of NSAIDs, feel free to visit the various pharmacies, doctors, health workers and even medical sites online, to guarantee what NSAIDs can do for you.

For those who are enduring pain and inflammation and have no time visiting their doctors, you should give time in knowing what NSAIDs’ various benefits are and what kind of drugs in the NSAIDs list that is appropriate in your condition.

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