Proform 675 Elliptical Trainer Problems

The Proform 675 elliptical trainer is a basic low priced CardioCross Trainer. It is priced at $299.00 which way below the minimum $1000.00 price we recommend people pay for a good elliptical trainer. It does have a number of good features that include

  • Wide oversized pedals
  • A large LCD display console that allows you to track speed, time, distance and calories.
  • EKG grip pulse sensors for heart rate
  • Two speed fan
  • Icon’s SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance

However it has only a very short 14 inch stride length which precludes anyone with normal or longer length legs from using this elliptical trainer comfortably. We decided to purchase the Proform 675 Elliptical trainer and give it a full test. It arrived just 2 weeks after our order. However it was broken and could not be assembled to conduct our testing. We contacted customer service to get a replacement. This request was refused but a technician was scheduled to repair it.

The repairman took 10 more days to arrive and immediately stated it was not repairable. After 3 more weeks we did receive a replacement 675 elliptical trainer. After setting it up our smallest tester who has literally hundreds of hours of elliptical trainer time took it for an initial ride. All went well for about 30 minutes when it started to generate considerable noise. After some tightening up the elliptical trainer the test was continued. After one hour of riding the Proform 675 our tester took a break and let our second tester take the elliptical trainer for a ride. It was immediately noted that the display console was not working. Despite several attempts to get it working we concluded it was dead. Again we called customer service for assistance. They were clearly irritated with our request for a new console and a visit from the technician. They did not answer our emails and only because we had access to supervisor numbers at Icon were we able to get the problem resolved. All this required another 12 days of delay.

The technician came and replaced the Proform 675 elliptical trainer console and it tested out just fine but as we were testing it, an additional problem developed. The technician noted that something was wrong with the magnetic resistance. After examination he stated that the SMR silent magnetic resistance unit was failing and would have to be replaced. Again we spent a good deal of time on the phone with customer service since they did not answer our emails. We decided to ask for a refund under the 30 refund clause. We were told that more than 30 days had elapsed since we had purchase the Proform 675 elliptical trainer and we did not qualify.

In gathering background information on this unit we came across a good number of customer reviews that found the Proform 675 to be a very poor piece of fitness equipment. The total lack of any quality and the extremely poor customer service was a common thread through most product reviews. We strongly recommend that you do not buy the Proform 675 elliptical trainer. Again it is unwise to purchase any elliptical trainer that does not have an initial cost of at least $1000.00. It is paramount that you check customer reviews before you consider purchasing any elliptical trainer.

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