Rift Tanking Guide – How To Build The Perfect Tank In Rift

Do you want to learn how to build a tank in Rift properly? Well, if you want to learn how to become a tank, you will need to learn what soul combination’s are best for this role. Here is a small guide to turn your Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Cleric into a tank.

Warrior Tanking Build

If you have a Warrior, it is recommended to use the Void Knight as your main soul and the Paladin and the Warlord as your off-souls. This build gives you many tanking perks. By using Powerful Contenance, Defender, and Ravenous Defense all together, you will get an insane amount of armour.

You will also be able your Paladins Aegis of Vitality and Aspect of the Fallen Hero from your Warlord to give you two endurance buffs to further your tanking abilities.

By Using Judgment and Airburst from your Paladin and Void Knight’s souls, you get two AOE taunts that will attract all mobs onto you for thirty seconds.

This build is also excellent for tanking dungeons because of the Light’s Decree ability from your Paladin. This skills is a constant give target threat generator, which is perfect for tanking mobs in dungeons.

Rogue Tanking Build

The Riftstalker soul is the main tanking soul for Rogues. A good tanking soul combination is to use the Riftstalker as your main soul and the Bard and Blade Dancer as the off-souls. I suggest that you put most of your points into your Blade Dancer soul, so that you can get all of the important mitigation abilities.

Also, try to get False Blade and Disengage as fast as possible. False Blade gives you +5% dodge and +6% parry, which is a good attribute for tanking. Disengage will allow you to stun your enemies every 20 seconds. Both of these skills will further your tanking abilities tremendously.

Mage Tanking Build

Tanking with a Mage is difficult because they are not as strong as the Warrior and Rogue. So, what you will want to do is choose the Necromancer as your main soul and opt for the Dominator and Chloromancer as your off-souls.

By selecting the Necromancer as your main soul, you will be able to summon a pet that will do all the tanking for you. All you need to do is stand back and heal your pet, while he takes all the damage and kills enemies for you.

It is recommended to use all of your points on your Necromancer soul, while putting zero points into your off-souls. The only abilities you need are your Dominators single target CC talent and the Chloromancer’s instant cast debuff talent that heals the attacker, all of which do not require any points to use.

Cleric Tanking Build

The Cleric is the weakest tanking class in all of Rift. The recommended tanking build for your Cleric is the Justicar as your main soul, and the Shaman and the Druid as your off souls.

This build is terrific for reducing damage, having lots of max health and keeping good threat. Remember to use Malestrom from your Shaman to damage multiple enemies and get threat on them.

When you are taking lots of damage, use Just Defense, but when you reach critical levels, use Glacial Shield to absorb damage.

Knowing exactly how to build and combine souls as well as allocate your points for your character is very important if you want to dominate any situation you are in. So how do you learn exactly how to properly build a tanking character?

Use A Complete Tanking Guide To Dominate Rift

You could keep on searching on the internet for guides to help you create a good tank in Rift. However, this process can take countless hours and might not even work. So, if you want to learn exactly how the pros build a tank that can solo huge mobs without ever having to die, I highly recommended you using Xerxes guide.

Xerxes guide is a complete guide created from the top players of Rift to show you exactly how to allocate your points and combine souls to become the perfect tank.

Not only will you be able to learn the best tanking builds and exactly how to allocate your points, you will also be able to learn exactly how to reach level 50 the quickest way possible while having millions of coins in your account.

You will be taught all of this information through clear step-by-step instructions as well as detailed screenshots and maps.

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