Tips to Buy New Figure Skates

If you are into figure skates, you should know that new skaters often find it hard to buy skates for the first time. Actually, there are a lot of things that should be kept in mind when making this purchase, such as the brand, size, and model, just to name a few.


First of all, you should know that no brand can be called the best brand. There are a lot of reliable and trustworthy brands out there, and all of them strive to provide the right fit and support. As a matter of fact, the best brand will be the one that will offer the best fit. In addition, it should fulfill your skating needs. However, you should keep in mind that expensive skates won’t make you great at skating. It’s your time and effort that can help you skate better.

Basically, there is no major difference between skating boots offered by different manufacturers. However, the things that make a skate different from another sake are the lifespan, thickness, leather quality and stiffness.


Nowadays, lightweight skates are increasing in popularity. A few decades back, figure skates were heavy. Leather was used in their heel, sole and inside. Therefore, the shoe was heavier. With the passage of time, skaters felt the need of lightweight boots so that they could perform better. Heavy skates didn’t let them get higher off the ground. Therefore, manufacturers started using other materials to make boots. Nowadays, figure skates are made from leather and quality synthetic materials. Therefore, we suggest that you prefer a lightweight boot to a heavier one.


If you are new to skating, you may think you can buy one based on your regular shoe size. This is a mistake since skate manufacturers offer different sizes. Therefore, it’s important that you get a measurement of your feet in order to know which size will fit you.

The boots should fit you snugly just like a glove. While wearing the boots, you should not be able to move your heel in the boot, which is known as a competitive fit. Actually, your feet should touch the inside of the shoe slightly. Moreover, the boot should have enough room so that you can wiggle your toes.

Typically, parents want to buy their kids skates that will stand the test of time since this is going to be a big financial investment. However, you need to keep in mind that skates that are too big for your kids are not going to help them play well. While skating, they will have to take breaks to tighten their laces over and over again.


You need to take into account four factors as far as buying your figure skates is concerned: skating level, frequency of skating, weight and height. This will help you determine how stiff your skating boots should be. As a matter of fact, stiffness is the support the boot will give your feet while playing. Boots that are considered on top of the line are really stiff as they are designed for adults.

So, if you have been looking to buy figure skates, we suggest that you consider the tips given in this article.

Michael Ortiz

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