Top 10 Protein Foods List – The Best Protein Rich Foods You Should Eat

If you are trying to maintain optimum health and/or lose significant weight or keep it off then there is no better way than to concentrate on proteins and rid yourself of the bad carbs as much as possible. So, here are Top 10 Protein Foods List:

1. Fish. The best form of protein that you can give your body is found in omega-3 fatty acids. Fish are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. As a result, eating fish has been shown to help with fighting heart disease, cancer, liver disease and many other maladies as well. Also, this incredible form of protein is low in calories and will fill you up. It is best to use some kind of marinade with most fish if you actually want to enjoy it.

2. Cottage cheese. Some would say that cottage cheese is not a true protein but in fact it is one of the best foods that you can eat in terms of healthy living and low-calorie foods.

3. Low-fat cheese. These days you can find almost fat-free cheese which is a perfect complement for many meals and will provide protein that you need and help you to avoid fat found in regular cheese.

4. Yogurt. Take a look at number two as this fits in the same category.

5. Egg beaters. This is one of the most incredible forms of protein but it is suggested that you either eat egg whites or egg beaters. The latter can be found at most grocery stores.

6. Boca burgers. This can also be found at most grocery stores and their are various types of Boca burgers and most are protein rich.

7. Turkey burgers. Most Turkey burgers are pretty lean and as a result should not contain high levels of fat yet they provide high levels of protein.

8. Extremely lean red meat. We all know that red meat contains a lot of protein but you must get 98% lean or better in order to avoid the negative effects of red meat.

9. Soy milk. Soy milk is a great form of protein and does not possess the negative attributes that regular milk does.

10. Seafood. I kept this category separate from fish as it is a category unto itself. Some forms of seafood are better type of proteins that others but in general you really can’t go wrong with eating fresh seafood.

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