Urinary Tract Infection – Home Treatment With Baking Soda Solution

Urinary tract infection can be treated in many ways either by administering antibiotics or using some simple home remedies. At present, baking soda is mostly recommended to get good results. As such, you have to simply add it just about half a teaspoon to 6 ounces of warm water and the mixture can work effectively for curing UTI.

Baking soda is no doubt a good and versatile product. So, it is normally recommended as a valuable cleaning material. Since it is an acerbic poison, great care should be given when using for urinary tract infection home treatment. Before starting baking soda treatment, one should make it sure that he needs pH (potential of Hydrogen) balance in his body. In case the imbalance condition is not confirmed, he will have to run the risk of injuring his body a step further. Here you have some tips as caution when using this chemical powder for any infection in general.

o As one teaspoon of this chemical contains about 1,000 mg up to 1,200 mg of caustic poison called sodium, its volume should be controlled to maintain a balance in our body with other minerals particularly with potassium. Excess amount of sodium can cause damaging proper functions of blood circulation and subsequently the kidneys.

o For people having kidney or liver problems or hypertension it will not work well because of its sodium content.

o Excess use of baking soda will reduce some of the body’s vitamins including folic acid as well as minerals which are equally needed for the body. The other side effects are dizziness, abnormal thirst, muscular tics, and spasm.

o Dependence on baking soda alone as home treatment cannot work well in curing urinary tract infection.

o Improper intake of baking soda can have chance of blockage in the colon and can cause complicated infection. Treatment with baking soda should exceed two weeks. Un-dissolved portion can cause serious injuries to the internal system of the body. People who are above 60 years should have limited intake depending on health condition. Taking baking soda when the stomach is full with food may cause biting stomach pain.

The information given above is based on some facts which are not taken for elaborate discussion here for urinary tract infection through home treatment. Just because of this reason, people who choose to start home remedies are always safe if they get initially the doctor’s approval. Though it is home remedy, there is chance that there are medically approved possibilities what a layman may not be aware of when giving home treatments.

Michael Ortiz

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