Whey Protein Muscle Building Shakes and Supplements

Occurring naturally in cow’s milk and extracted during the cheese making process is a protein called whey. Weight trainers often eat whey protein muscle building shakes because of its high protein content. Also, whey protein isolate will increase lean muscle mass rather quickly and as muscle mass grows larger, metabolism speeds up.

Weight trainers swear by protein for building muscles, and often will drink soy or another high fat shake to keep their calorie load high enough. For those who do not care for the taste of soy, protein muscle building shakes may be the answer. The reason whey protein is so highly valued by weight lifters, trainers, and the average person wanting a long lean body, is its availability of high amounts of protein not easily consumed with other foods unless eaten in huge amounts. One would have to eat more than a dozen eggs to get enough protein as one shake made with whey.

Whey protein muscle building shakes are easily digested and contain only the highest quality of protein. Because of easy digestibility, the protein is made more available and utilized by the body. The next best thing to whey is eggs, but to get the required amounts of protein in a shake, one would have to eat an incredible amount of eggs to receive the same results and it is just not feasible to do so. Anyway, protein shakes taste much better than that many eggs.

For those who neither want to drink shakes or eat dozens of eggs, protein muscle building supplements are available, making the consumption of quality protein much more convenient, and no blending or cleaning up spills afterward. Whey protein supplements should have all the amino acids required as the body cannot make them, and should contain the highest BV available. Also, whey protein supplements, or shakes if desired, should be taken or drank in the mornings. Besides supplements and shakes, much emphasis is placed on protein in the diet through food. Great sources of nutritional protein are fish, eggs milk and red meat, specifically beef, so it is wise to add these to the diet. Remember to concentrate on nutritional means of getting enough protein, and using whey protein as a supplement to food. This will increase muscle mass very quickly, while burning off unwanted fat and calories.

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