Which Has More Protein – Turkey Or Tuna?

Do you like poultry? Or do you prefer fish?

It mainly depends on what you prefer. Is your meal preferably made of fish or of meat? One of them is probably the basis for your dinner,, unless you do not eat meat at all.

Both animals will provide you with good quality protein.

The turkey is not so generous with protein as is the tuna fish.

A 150 gram serving of turkey will provide you with about 22 grams of protein. This protein is good enough to build muscles and can be used for maintenance of the body. It will not turn into fat.

As an adult you need 2.2 grams of protein for each pound of body weight. So you can calculate how much protein you need to eat every single day.

On the other hand, tuna fish will deliver much more protein. In fact, a serving of one hundred grams will give you 26 grams of high quality protein.This, obviously, is also meant to build muscles and to maintain your body in good shape.

However, you must be careful and choose good brands. Not all brands can guarantee excellent quality. Some products might be more fatty than others. And you do not want that fat but just complete protein.

If the price is low the quality will probably also be low. Do not buy fat instead of proteins!

The good news is that both animals, the turkey and the tuna fish will provide complete protein. Incomplete proteins are provided by vegetables, fruits,.nuts and grains.

What is the difference? Complete proteins contain all the amino acids needed to develop new proteins in your body. Incomplete proteins lack one or more amino acids. They cannot create new proteins.

It just depends on you. Prefer meat, eat turkey. Prefer fish, eat tuna. Never overeat on proteins. That holds true for poultry and for fish.

If your body gets too much proteins, it will store them as fat. And transform them even into sugar.

Complete proteins are slowly digested in the tract between the stomach and the intestines. This is good news because you do not feel hungry after having eaten one or the other, that is the turkey or the tuna. You have a sense of a full stomach without this showing as heaviness.

This helps you to stay slim, with lean muscles and a good overall strength.

Michael Ortiz

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