Which is Better Organic Mattresses Or Memory Foam Mattresses?

With the rising trend of “going green” and being environmentally friendly, we have seen a rise in organic products. The most popular organic products are foods, cleaning supplies and clothing – but mattress manufacturers are jumping into the market now and gaining popularity with their organic mattresses. With organic Mattresses being the new “It” thing in beds, many people are asking: Which is better, memory foam or organic? There is no black and white answer to this question because the products are uniquely different and cater to entirely different markets.

Organic Mattresses: These are growing in popularity due to the fact that they are free of many of the chemical components found in regular mattresses. For example, they are free of fire retardants, dioxins, formaldehyde and pesticides. By definition, organic means that a product is one hundred percent natural and void of any man made products as enhancements. It is made of organic cotton, latex and wool that is totally free of dyes and artificial softeners or hardeners. Now this is perfect if you are prone to certain types of allergies. They are also useful for babies and small children as they won’t be sleeping on or absorbing chemical toxins. They sleep comfortability but are in that regard, they really are no different than standard pillow top mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattresses: The visco-elastic material was designed by the scientist of NASA to create a more comfortable launch and landing experience for their astronauts. The material molds and conforms to the body, it expands with heat and restricts in cold environments. Where the organic mattress appeals with allergies or environmental concerns, the memory foam mattress appeals to people with chronic pain, sleep disorders,back pains or just an overall desire for a more peaceful nights sleep. for this reason it is unfair and difficult to compare the two against each other.

Michael Ortiz

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