WotLK Orc Leveling Guide

It is well known among World of Warcraft players, that the real game starts at level 80, so most player want to get level 80 as quickly as possible. It is also true for players playing with an orc character. An orc leveling guide might be an ideal solution for them, but nowadays, universal guides are much better as they cover all classes and races.

Orcs are starting in the zone, called Durotar. I recommend you to do all the quests, since nowadays it is much more effective to do quests than to grind. In the starting zone quests are really easy, but don’t skip any of these places where you can get quests: Valley of Trials (starting zone, all quest are really easy), Sen’Jin Village and Razor Hill.After level 10 I recommend you to get to The Barrens. If you are interested in a precisely detailed leveling route, I recommend you to get a professional orc leveling guide.


A lot of players don’t like add-ons because add-ons seems difficult to use for them, so they simply play with the default user interface. But add-ons are extremely helpful in terms of leveling. For example, my personal favorite, the Cartographer unveils the whole zone and world map. Another very good add-on is the Auctioneer, which tracks the prices of the items in the auction house, so you will know exactly what to sell and what to buy. With  you will get rich before level 80!


Choosing the right talent can be difficult sometimes, but I hope I can help you. There is a simple guideline: for leveling always choose damage rather than defense or healing, More damage, faster you kill the monsters, more experience you gain. Defense and healing will become important at high levels,. Besides, pay attention to your mana efficiency: it is important to be able to maintain your damage for a long time.

The Ultimate Orc Leveling Guide

In, my opinion the best option is to get a universal leveling guide, as they are usually much more advanced than simple guide, like an orc leveling guide. These professional guides, cover all races and classes, so you don’t have to worry about, whether orc starting zone will be covered.  The best guides are no longer documents in PDF format but in-game guides, so you don’t have to alt+tab to check the instructions. They automatically detects the best quests for you and gives you step by step instructions on what to do. Besides, there is an in-game GPS, which shows you where to go: it put a red arrow in the middle of your screen pointing in the right direction. Virtually, you cannot get lost. Check out the most easy-to-use and fastest guide.

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