Zumba Calories – How Many Calories Can a Zumba Workout Melt Off?

Many women and men who participate in the different online forums and groups have been raising the question regarding how many calories the Zumba dance workout melts away

This comes as no surprise due to the increasing popularity of this aerobic dance exercise program.

What may come, as a surprise is the amount of calories that a 45-minute Zumba class burns is entirely up to the individual and how much intensity they bring to the workout.

However, I would imagine this is true of any exercise class.

What makes this unique Latin-based dance workout so darn effective is that it utilizes a scientifically validated exercise protocol that has been termed as “High Intensity Interval Training.”

Consequently, if you have been attempting to reshape your entire body, lose pounds and inches, then this type of dancing cardio work out may end up being exactly what you need.

Now mind you, there is nothing magical about a dance aerobic workout. Therefore, what makes this particular form of cardio more effective than others do is the interval training that it utilizes and promotes.

Perhaps you are not that informed about this brand new kind of aerobic workout. If so, let me provide you with a little bit of background into Zumba itself.

The mainstream of this workout is the fact that it offers a blend of international, Latin, hip-hop, popular tunes and can even include Brazilian type songs.

What causes it to be so effective?

As mentioned earlier it’s that their dancing workouts utilize a combination of slow then fast dancing tempos to help you melt away fat and enhance the shape of your body. The reshaping component comes in by means of what you might call maracas. What they actually are is… toning sticks.

These hand weights are utilized during a toning work out to firm and condition you physically. After all, it’s the muscles of your body that actually create the shape and appearance that you desire.

As mentioned earlier how many calories does Zumba burn is really up to the individual’s intensity level. Some instructors incorporate kickboxing into their class however, it’s not necessary since dancing in itself is a great way to work up a sweat and burn off calories.

Nevertheless, most people will burn between five-hundred to as much as a thousand calories, in one — 45 minute exercise session.

Recently, they introduced a brand new diet plan that goes hand-in-hand when using the dancing training.

Here’s the thing, you can exercise your heart away and burn as many calories as you want but, if you don’t have the proper nutritional program you can blow an entire hour of cardio in seconds by simply eating a candy bar.

So, if you’re looking to get the maximum calorie burn and reshape your body a dance aerobic workout combined with the proper nutritional program is essential for your success.

Michael Ortiz

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