Acne Scar Removal – Using Carrots and Cabbage

Acne affects all ages from teenagers to older adults. Many people also suffer the after effects of scarring. Below are some natural suggestions to combat acne and achieve acne scar removal.

The skin needs vitamins and natural antioxidants not just for acne scar removal but to look and feel its best. A preferred diet consists of fruits, vegetables, fiber, high protein, and plenty of water. Limiting high-fat foods and eliminating dairy products and large amounts of salt are also recommended. Vitamins A, E, B, and zinc helps the skin and complexion.

Pure shea butter has vitamin A, and all natural cocoa butter has vitamins A and E. Either can be applied to the skin for acne scar removal. This will refresh, moisturize, and return the elasticity of the skin as well as flatten, smooth, and soften acne scarring to make it less noticeable. Tea tree oil is also an effective skin disinfectant and will aid in acne scar removal.

Carrot juice and cabbage juice contain vitamins A, B, and sulfur and is a method of acne scar removal when applied to the affected areas. One recipe is as follows:

Combine 2 parts fresh cabbage juice, 2 parts fresh carrot juice, and 1 part fresh blueberry juice. Chill and apply to the affected areas.

A camomile infusion will also moisturize and soften the skin and result in acne scar removal. Here are a few camomile infusions:

Camomile and Elderflower Infusion

*2 tablespoons of dried elderflowers *1 tablespoon of dried camomile flowers or one camomile teabag *1 cup of boiling water Pour boiling water over combined herbs and cover. Allow to infuse (sit) for ten minutes and then strain. Cool and apply to the affected areas three to four times daily.

Lemon Balm and Camomile Infusion

* 3 1/2; oz. dried lemon balm leaves *1 oz. dried camomile flowers or one camomile tea bag *3/4; oz. dried mint leaves *2/3 cup boiling water Pour boiling water over combined herbs and cover. Allow to infuse for 5 minutes, then strain. Cool and apply to the affected areas two to three times daily.

Before trying any invasive medical procedures such as chemical peeling or other skin surgery for acne scar removal, try a natural method first. Although the process may take a bit longer, natural ingredients are less harmful to the skin and in the end will create more healthy looking and healthy feeling skin.

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