H Pylori Can Lead To Vitamin B12 Deficiency

H Pylori can cause an individual to have a Vitamin B12 deficiency. It is also a known contributor to gastritis, ulcers, and it can prevent to stomach from being able to absorb the Vitamin B12 you consume. According to the information on the PCC Natural Markets website, an infection of Helicobacter Pylori, especially in adults will lead to a deficiency of Vitamin B12.

One study has found that 56% of those with H Pylori are also anemic due to a lack of Vitamin B12. Taking care of the H Pylori has shown that blood levels improve and Vitamin B12 are higher for 40% of those who have been infected. Some other studies indicate that H Pylori and a Vitamin B12 deficiency are definitely linked. However, eliminating H Plyori doesn’t always mean the body will be able to have a higher level of Vitamin B12. Therefore it is important to have it carefully monitored.

A study regarding the effects of H Pylori on Vitamin B12 levels can be found in the archives of Internal Medicine (Vol. 160, No. 9, May 8 of 2000). This study involved 138 individuals who were diagnosed with both anemia and a Vitamin B12 deficiency. Each individual in the study completed a Gastrointestinal Endoscopy to determine how severe the atrophic gastritis was. A biopsy was conducted for Campylobacter organisms and a complete medical history was documented. The diagnosis of H Plyori resulted in a combination treatment.

The study determined that H Pylori was found in 77 of the 138 patients (56%). They H Plylori infection and the anemia both improved with the assistance of Vitamin B12 supplements in 31 (40%) of the individuals. Therefore, it is reasonable to state that H Plylori is linked to a Vitamin B12 deficiency.

The results of various studies have shown that H Pylori damages the stomach cells which prevents it from successfully absorbing the Vitamin B12. Taking care of the H Pylori will help with the level of Vitamin B12 but not in every case. It is therefore essential that you have your Vitamin B12 levels checked at routine intervals if you have ever had H Pylori.

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