Alliance Grinding Guides Vs Alliance Quest Guides

Are you having problems leveling in World of Warcraft? Looking for alliance grinding guides to help you level faster? If you are not sure whether to get a grinding guide or a quest guide, then you should know some things.

Let’s see how these alliance grinding guides look like. They will probably give you spots for every level where you can find many mobs to kill. That’s almost it, maybe they will have some tips on how to kill the mobs faster and which talents to train for each class. Finding spots in WoW isn’t hard though, it’s not like there are hidden places where the mobs just drop dead for you and give you loads of XP. You still have to do the whole “killing the same mobs over and over again” routine which is very boring in my opinion.

Now let’s see how a quest guide would look like. First of all, it will evolve around quests and we all know how fun and productive quests can be. Some don’t do quests because they don’t feel like looking all over the place for them. Well quest guides eliminate that problem by giving the user exact coordinates on them. So by taking out the one thing that made quests a little unattractive you can see how lucrative they can be. I can’t imagine getting more XP grinding in the same amount of time it takes you to do a quest providing you know where to go and that. Not to mention that by questing you can have fun too.

In conclusion, I would say that an alliance quest guide can win over the alliance grinding guides any day. If what I told you wasn’t enough, then read some reviews about each of them. You will see my point then.

Michael Ortiz

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