`Me-Too’ Movement Aspect of Bangladesh

(#MeToo) The name of a social movement to prevent from sexual harassment. In our country, it is absolutely unfamiliar, but in the Western country, it’s very familiar, which are known in all areas by social media. Social worker and community organizer Tarana Burke became started this movement. Absolutely `#Me-too’ means, break the silence and stand against sexual harassment. American actress, Alessa Milan started this social movement.

A teacher of my department who describes the incident of crucial rape, while recruiting classes. Rahima Akter Sonia (14) her cousin’s, Ninth-grade student of a local school in Tentulia Upazila of Panchagarh. The girl’s mother was often ill and her father was busy with various things, she often went to local village pharmacy near her home for medicines. Doctors(Rajon) often come to their home to check her mother. That is why the doctor had become good relations with his family.

Rajan addressed her(Sonia) daughter. One day, when her mother was seriously ill, her father and mother went to Rangpur medical hospital. In this situation, the village doctor told Rahima, some medicine take on for your mother imergency and medicine is no available my pharmacy. After, doctor has gone to her friend’s house with sonia, he and her friend raped the girl in turn and took pictures(videos) of the rape and threatened to not show the incident. Then often doctors often raped her at her friend’s house. At one stage, she could not bear it, she committed suicide.

In recently, Jayashree Chakraborty (17), a college student of Shyamnagar village of Satkhira, was assaulted by the clerk and committed suicide. Mistress cuts her hair and physically harasses her. The girl was supposed to be married next month. But the girl could not tolerate this insult, hanging her neck with a chassis, and committed suicide. They are not protested only surrender the situation.

On the other hand, American actress Alessa Milan has revealed the issue of sexual harassment against filmmaker Harvey Winsteen on Twitter. Then thousands of people responded to this tweet.

Movement are the people who are facing sexual harassment, they will be ashamed before the people of the society by revealing the opposite incident without silence. Take social, collective and legal action against him. Currently, this hashtag is being used in 85 countries around the world including India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom. Many prominent actresses, news presenters have highlighted various sexual harassment cases against them. In Sweden, some women television presenters used this Hestage (#) against Swedish corporators and television presenter Martin Timel. As a result many Western politicians, actors and directors were facing trial.

In Bangladesh, sexual harassment or rape is regularly headlined in media. Many women are committing suicide because of not tolerating sexual harassment. 5-year child to 45-50 year old women are not left out, One of the reasons is our social system and our outlook. When a woman faced a sexual harassment, we blame the girl, her dress, and clothes or why he goes in outsides?

Others our media are not published the accused picture, they are interested in victims pictures and judicial system are so long. For this reason, it’s increasing day by day in our country. But if we did not blame the woman, we could have blamed the guilty and elimination our society and crime is not cover up, it’s pupublishedn public place. That is must be presented sexual harassment in our society.

Michael Ortiz

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