The Critical Role of Sodium and Chloride (Salt) in the Diet!

If you look on the Periodic Table of the elements, you will see that sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium are alkaline earth metals. You can tell by their positioning how interrelated they are.

For example, sodium is number 11 on the Periodic Table indicating the number of protons in its nucleus. Whereas magnesium is number 12 on the Periodic table just 1 more proton or hydrogen ion more then sodium. Potassium is number 19 and calcium is number 20. These four elements are all right next to each other on the Periodic Table of Minerals for good reason!

Over the years I have thought about the relationships between sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium and have come up with a hypothesis that magnesium, potassium and calcium are all nuclear transformations of the sodium (11) ion. This is important to understand when we consider why our blood is salted with sodium not magnesium, potassium or calcium. Even the ocean is salted with sodium for very good reasons.

The word formula for my hypothesis of nuclear transformation is as follows:

sodium (11) + hydrogen (1) magnesium (12) or,
sodium (11) + oxygen (8) potassium (19) or,
sodium (11) + hydrogen (1)+ oxygen (8) calcium or,
sodium (11) + oxygen (8) + hydrogen (1) calcium

As you can see there are many variations on how the body can transform sodium to the other alkaline elements it needs to maintain its alkaline design. Keep in mind that this transformation of elements is not a chemical reaction but a reaction, I call vibrational intelligence.

The movement of a hydrogen ion into the nucleus of a sodium ion is what gives rise to the alkaline element magnesium to help regulate body or even ocean temperature.

The movement of an oxygen ion into the nucleus of a sodium ion is what gives rise to the alkaline element potassium to help regulate the delicate alkaline pH of the extra and intracellular fluids of the body.

The movement of a hydrogen ion into the nucleus of a potassium ion is what gives rise to the alkaline element calcium. It is through the sodium ion of the blood that creates calcium to help keep our skeletal structure healthy and strong. In the ocean, it is the salt or sodium ion that gives rise to the calcium that makes the coral calcium, which helps in maintaining the alkaline design of the ocean at a pH of 8.3.

You see, nuclear transformation of sodium takes place every second of the day with any vibration or motion, such as the athlete in movement, as the body uses sodium and hydrogen to regulate the body temperature keeping it cool.

As one is exercising and as the body is heating up the body will naturally cool itself by transforming sodium into magnesium. These transformations will result in a blood serum loss of sodium and an increase in urine magnesium. Why? Because the body is converting the salt or sodium of the blood to magnesium to regulate body temperature! Without salt you CANNOT regulate your body temperature!

This same elemental transformation will takes place when the body is trying to maintain its alkaline design at a pH of 7.365. When the body is physically or emotionally stressed, metabolic acidic waste products will increase. As metabolic acids are increased from body movement, such as when exercising, or when you are stressed, such as worried about your finances, the body needs additional alkalinity to buffer the increase of endogenous acidity and it will start converting the salt or sodium of the blood to potassium.

That is why we see, in sick, tired, depressed or unfit clients a decrease in blood serum sodium and an increase in blood serum potassium.

Balancing the alkaline pH of the body fluids and bringing the body back to a state of health, energy, happiness and fitness cannot be accomplished without the mineral salts and especially the foundational ion of sodium.

Without salt running through our blood vessels and our oceans there would be NO LIFE ON EARTH!

Just one more thing to think about. As you know, most sodium comes to us as sodium chloride. This is by no coincidence. When you eat salt or sodium chloride the body splits these two ions apart. This is a matter of chemistry. The sodium ion is used as I have described above but the chloride ion is used to build our blood. I give you the following word formula of nuclear transformation of the chloride ion to iron:

chloride (17) + oxygen (8) + hydrogen from water (1) iron (26)

What I am suggesting is that salt or sodium chloride not only keeps our blood and body fluids alkaline but it also creates the iron that is necessary in making hemoglobin or blood. So, when you someone is iron deficient the are really sodium chloride deficient!

To limit or eliminate salt out of ones diet is setting the stage for ALL sickness and disease.

It is not salt that causes high blood pressure. It is dietary and metabolic acid.

Salt is the life of the body! And, without liberal amounts of whole unprocessed salt the body cannot keep up with the daily onslaught of dietary and metabolic acidity.

This is why I suggest eating lots of alkalizing mineral salt and getting off acidic foods and drinks. When you do this, your health, energy, happiness and fitness will naturally improve – without medications!

Michael Ortiz

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Thu Aug 10 , 2023

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