The Link Between Candida and Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 is essential for good health in many different ways. It aids in helping the nervous system function properly, and also helps with blood cell production. This comes in many forms, but the most common sources are in meats, diary products, and in eggs. Though B12 deficiency can happen to anyone, strict vegetarians are often at risk because they don’t eat any of those mentioned things. There are many different things that occur with a deficiency, and there appears to be a link between Candida and vitamin B12.

There are some conditions that can attribute to a deficiency in B12. Some are common sense and some are surprising.

Alcoholics are at risk as are those who have Crohn’s disease. There is an intrinsic factor that helps the body absorb B12 in the stomach and intestines, and if someone has had surgery in either area, that factor may have been affected or is missing.

When that happens, the B12 can not be absorbed as it should be. Someone with this problem will have no appetite, bouts of loose stools, and they might feel very weak. They might also notice a shortness of breath, problems with tingling or numbness in the extremities, and might even experience some mental fog.

Anemia brought on by a vitamin B12 deficiency must be treated. This can be accomplished in a few different ways, but it is urgent that it happens quickly. This is something that is rather easy to treat, and that is the good news for anyone with this condition. Usually a balanced diet will take care of the deficiency, though this might be hard for the strict vegetarian. Many times diet changes and a supplement of B12 will do the trick, and in some cases, shots might be needed rather than a pill. Some people will require these injections for life.

So, you may be wondering if Candida can be effected by a vitamin b12 deficiency. This is a yeast that grows in the body, most notably in the vaginal area and in the intestines. In most cases, it is kept under control by the body’s immune system. However, when there is a lack of B12 the immune function is impaired and Candida can then grow out of control. When this happens, a person might notice headaches, mental fog, tiredness, sinus issues, mood swings, loss of concentration, and even a craving for sweet foods.

In order to treat Candida, the deficiency of vitamin B12 will need to be taken care of first. When the proper balance of B12 is restored, the Candida can then be kept in check after a course of treatment and it has reverted back to its normal state with in the body. Now that you know Candida and Vitamin B12 are related, the knowledge should encourage you to eat a more balanced diet to avoid the further complications associated with a b12 deficiency.

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