You and Me Are the Hyphens That Come Between Our Spiritual and Physical Worlds

**We live in amazing times!” There are so many people choosing to look more within themselves to life’s questions, than to look for answers outside of themselves.

We are all born and bred into our current life to live, learn and to teach ourselves lessons that must be learned first, before we are equipped to help or serve others.

It is our responsibility to share the knowledge that we gain throughout this process that we call living. Albeit it not always an easy or smooth process; the process is still work that needs to be engaged and absorbed by each one of us, respectively. It is up to me and you to be more in tune with what our life experience has to offer us.

Seek to consistently be in a cognizant mindset; always be ready to serve and assist in your own responsibility for your own mental development. Learn and prepare yourself for higher self-value. Start by engaging less physical distractions, by doing this or by not doing this you manifest things in your physical world. You can heighten your understanding of how your thoughts have energy, and gain more mental and internal clarity. When utilized correctly, mental clarity has the power to productively simplify your thinking.

With less physical stressors or distractions, you enable your mind to think more positively and clearly, thus you invite more internal answers, and attain the desired external/physical manifestations that you want to experience. Realize that all manifestations are designed by the energy of your own thinking. Pay attention to what absorbs your mind and thought patterns.

You ask,”what do I mean by recognizing what absorbs the minds thoughts and patterns?” Every facet of your life leaves an energetic vibration that is stored in the subconscious mind to be absorbed either now, or to be processed at a later time, or on a later date. Whichever occurs first, what you engage, you absorb, know that whatever you process causes an energetic release to your thoughts and feelings. This emotive or thought energy then causes a ripple effect that gets passed onto your surroundings and palpable energy field.

Once emotions are entertained they are released energetically, these emotional vibrations are let loose into your energy field. This energy then invites and energizes into your physical world. ** Do your own research, everyone and everything releases energy.

We are all much akin or like decorative, electrical lights that can either shine brightly and invite happy events, or offend by dull colors, or emit low energetic frequencies that others also can absorb.

I just learned yesterday that the body releases cortisol whenever a person is engaged in gossip and releases serotonin when a person is helping others or relaying genuine, heartfelt compliments. Which one sounds more engaging and inviting for you to both give and receive?

Please do your own research and learn what type of reaction works best for the desired vibration that you care to experience.

You and me are the hyphens that come between both our spiritual and physical worlds by the way that we choose to feel, act, interact or react to our world.

When you are more in alignment with happiness, joy, forgiveness, ease and peace you are operating in a Spiritual realm.

When you are in alignment with dissatisfaction, criticism, cynicism and gossip you are more in alignment with the physical world, that can only bring you more things to see and hear that bring you more discord and disdain.

Strike a balance, become the hyphen between what you choose to experience in your world and watch you life explode with blazing innovation and magnetic opportunities that you have invited into your scope of reality…

*** I enjoy learning from you and from other offering me knowledge continuously!~

Michael Ortiz

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