25 Most Common Bipolar Disease Symptoms

On an ordinary day, anyone may call it a mood. When it shifts erratically from one to another, people call it mood swings. But what is really the clinical explanation for people experiencing episodes of extreme moods that shifts unpredictably as any weather going bad on a good day?

Bipolar Disease symptoms include feeling overly ecstatic to feeling tremendously poignant. This high and low process in one’s mood consists the exasperating Bipolar Disease symptoms.

The annoying bipolar disease symptoms include numerous contrary feelings of ups and downs.
A patient experiences a manic episode when most of the day, more than 3 other bipolar disease symptoms are experienced. Also, it happens almost every single day for more than a week or even in a couple of months. Hypomania, which refers to the mild to moderate level of mania, enables a person experiencing it to be overly dynamic. This may sound rather constructive but in fact it is already a Bipolar Disease Symptom. When left untreated, Hypomania may get worse and become severe mania or depression.

A sudden high or a manic episode in bipolar disease symptoms is oftentimes characterized by:

1. Being extremely energetic and fidgety

2. A strange, peculiar, frenzied mood

3. Being unpredictably and exceedingly ill-tempered or short-tempered

4. Increase in the speed of speech

5. Lack of focus or concentration

6. Erratic and irregular sleeping habits

7. Having too unrealistic or over-confidence with regard to one’s skills and strengths

8. Having lack of judgment or unrealistic judgment

9. Going on impulsive spending spree

10. Having a behavior which is not usual that can last for a long period of time

11. Being sexually active or aroused most of the time; being sexually promiscuous

12. Taking drugs

13. Exhibiting violent behavior

14. Being in denial that something is wrong when in fact there is

A severe state of hasty melancholy also known as a depressive episode happens when:

1. Guilty thoughts preoccupy the mind

2. Extreme sadness is felt and cynicism comes in

3. Guilty thoughts preoccupy the mind

4. One becomes uninterested with the once favored activities which includes sex

5. Feelings of exhaustion and low energy is observed

6. Memory loss

7. there is sudden crabbiness in one’s attitude

8. the person has trouble sleeping or can’t sleep that well

9. Loss of appetite or sudden weight loss/gain

10. Frequent body pains which are not caused by any physical damage

11. Suicidal notions

A depressive episode is identified if more than 5 depressive Bipolar Disease symptoms occur all throughout the day, everyday for a span of two weeks or more.

In serious episodes of depression or mania, psychotic symptoms, which include hallucinations and delusions, are also sometimes felt. Unfortunately, Bipolar Disease afflicted people are oftentimes misdiagnosed as having a more severe mental illness called schizophrenia.

A mixed bipolar state, wherein fusions of mania and depression symptoms occur, can also be considered as a Bipolar Disease symptom. These combinations of Bipolar Disease Symptoms oftentimes involve anxiety, insomnia, sudden loss/gain in appetite, psychotic behavior and suicidal thoughts. A person under a mixed bipolar state experiences a confusing mode of sadness at the same time having vigorous or energetic feelings within.

Evidently, people experiencing Bipolar Disease Symptoms are plagued with two very contrary moods. However, through consistent medication and psychotherapy treatment, stabilization of the Bipolar Disease Symptoms can easily be attained.

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