History and Origin of Day Spa – Where it Came From and Why?

The term spa comes from a town in Belgium called Spa. During medieval times, iron deficiencies were cured by drinking iron bearing or chalybeate spring water. The mineral springs in Spa, Belgium was famous for the origin of the term “spa”. From then on, the word spa was regarded as any place that has a mineral or medicinal spring.

“Spa” is also from the word that means “soda fountain” in Eastern New England. Maybe because it was an insinuation to the “mineral” or carbonated water that is the main ingredient of numerous soda fountain drinks.

It is also thought to mean “fountain” in the Walloon language, or “to sprinkle, moisten, or scatter” in the Latin language. It has also been said that the term spa is from the acronym “Sanitas Per Aquam” or “Salus Per Aquam” that means health through water.

From then on, spas were known as resorts or institutions that had therapeutic baths. It is now regarded as a resort that has many mineral springs, a health institution, a fashionable resort or hotel, and/or a relaxation or invigoration tub that usually includes a device that raises or makes whirlpools in the water.

Catherine Atzen coined the term “day spa” in the year 1980. It was done upon her arrival in France from the United States. However, some say that Burke Williams of San Francisco, claimed to have coined the term. In 2007, it was said that a Day Spa Consortium was made in order to designate the person who really deserved to rule this contentious item.

Michael Ortiz

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