Insanity Workout Review – Activities For Couples Can Include The Benefits Of Working Out

Have you ever heard of the Insanity Workout Program? My girlfriend and I finished it tonight, let me tell you a little bit about it. It is 60 days of pure hell. If you enjoy the feeling of wanting to pass out and or puke, then you will love it. If you are a normal human being that likes chocolate cakes, ice cream, and sitting on the couch, you will hate every day of it. I fall into the latter of those two categories. Yet today I completed it, not only I, but my girlfriend as well. So the question is, how do you as a couple make it through this, or any other fitness program?

The key to making it through any fitness program is discipline. Use each other for motivation some days you will be on and she will be off. Don’t slam them, but motivate them. Tell them they can do it and that you are pulling for them. Simple statements like that meant a lot to me when I wanted to give up. Keep reminding each other of the reasons you are torturing yourself. As your bodies begin to shape up remember that there are serious benefits to being in good health. You begin to look better, feel better, and get healthier.

Mark a calendar of your progress. In the program that we just finished we had 60 days of painful workouts. Each day it felt really great to mark one more “X” through a day. Think of it as a short term goal you have accomplished. Before you know it you will see the days ticking off and you will be halfway done then the next thing you know it will be over. Mark your progress and you will find that it is a great motivator.

Sometimes life will gang up on you. Occasionally you will have to take a day off. During our 60 days we skipped 2 days. We remedied this by doing two “extra” days at the end of the 60. Don’t get depressed if there is a day that you “just can’t do it.” Stay motivated take your rest and get right back in there.

Our results? Well I am glad you asked. I really wish that I had, had the foresight to take pictures of us before and after. I mean I could take some pictures of us now but you wouldn’t believe how much we have changed. My girlfriend lost 7+ inches overall. I have upper body strength that I never dreamed possible and I can stretch in ways I haven’t ever been able to. Most importantly we have grown closer as a couple.

Michael Ortiz

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