What’s A Bilateral Muscle?

Muscles are essential to the body. They are the reason why we can walk, eat, talk and do many physical activities. Your organs are also made up of hundreds of involuntary muscles that are responsible for keeping you alive. There are many kinds of muscles in your body. Some work by themselves while others need to coordinate with the different muscles located in your body. In this article, we are going to focus on bilateral muscles and the injuries involved with them.

What is a bilateral muscle? To understand further, let us define the terms separately. When you say bilateral, this means that you can find it on both sides of the axis. Muscles, on the other hand, are contractile organs of your body. With this, you can infer that bilateral muscles are muscles which can be found on either side of your body. Examples of these are the muscles of your arms. You have two arms therefore the muscles of your both arms are bilateral. The calf muscles and leg muscles are also bilateral.

There are many instances when both your bilateral muscles can be injured. This is because they are interconnected with each other. One of the most common injuries is the bilateral calf pain. This is a condition wherein both of you calves experience problem, discomfort and pain. Although this condition is often caused by accidents, it can also be caused by habitual activities and overuse or what we call “wear and tear.” When you have a calf pain, you need to rest your legs for a sufficient amount of time until they recover. This is especially true for cases of wear and tear. If you try to use them any further, the condition will just be aggravated. Doctors may also suggest taking anti-inflammatory medications and pain killers to remove the discomfort and pain.

Another condition is the bilateral weakness of you leg muscles. Some people feel that their legs are becoming weaker as time passes by while others experience partial to complete paralysis. This condition is more severe than you can imagine because it directly involves your central nervous system. There are different causes for bilateral leg weakness. The most common is stroke. When you experience stroke, some parts of your body are likely to be paralyzed because of the damage on your brain or your spinal cord. Infections of the nerves can also cause this condition especially when the spinal nerves are affected. It is very important to consult a doctor or osteopath immediately when you feel great weakness on your leg area. This is important in order for the doctor to immediately pinpoint the cause and offer treatments to avoid the problem from becoming worse.

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