The Truth Behind Jay Robb Whey Protein

Is Jay Robb lying When he claim to have the best tasting protein on the planet? How much of this is true? and can his product taste that good without using any sugars or artificial sweeteners? Here you will learn about the truth behind Jay Robb whey protein.

So how can Jay Robb whey protein taste so great yet claim to be all natural? Surely he must be using sugar or some form of artificial sweeteners. Well I would say the answer is found in this one particular ingredient that has been added to the mixture. Many would have known that the use of stevia is a highly advertised ingredient in Jay Robb’s line of products. You will soon realize how powerful this ingredient really is for weight loss.

Stevia is a natural herb that acts as a sweetener. Stevia is much sweeter than sugar but have none of the drawbacks that are normally associated with sugar like increasing your blood sugar levels and diabetes. This means it has absolutely no calories and will not raise your blood sugar levels. Stevia is said to be 10-15 times more sweeter than table sugar, which is an all natural ingredient proven to be very safe to consume, because it has been used for many centuries by native Indians in Paraguay.

The benefits of stevia as an ingredient in this brand of whey protein are as follows:

1. Adds sweetness which greatly improves the taste
2. Losing weight becomes magically easy, due to the taste and zero calories
3. stevia is sweeter than sugar, it replaces sugar and has no unhealthy drawbacks
4. Research shows that stevia may have possible effects of treating obesity and high blood pressure.
5. It’s all natural, for centuries ancient tribes in Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil has been using it as sweeteners and medicinal teas

Warning – Some people may get a serious reaction to artificial sweeteners. However, lucky for those who are currently using Jay Robb whey protein as they do not need to worry about that. This is simply because the product is all natural, which means it contains no artificial flavours or sweeteners. The use of the natural herb known as stevia provides for all the sweetening for you without the added chemicals or calories that you would normally get in sugars or other forms of sweeteners. The result is that you are actually getting your money’s worth and looking after yourself in an all natural way.

Michael Ortiz

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