Vitamins That Help You Grow Taller

Vitamins are not only critical and necessary for the human general health, but essential for height growth. You can acquire the vitamins that help you grow taller, of which Vitamin A and D are two representatives, by eating a well balanced diet, which is also a natural and safe way. Supplements or foods with added vitamins can also be considered if needed.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A can be found in carrots, liver, egg yolk, green and yellow vegetables, margarine and yellow fruits. It helps to not only promote growth and strengthen bones and teeth, but also make skin healthy and shine the hair. The immune system also benefits from Vitamin A.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps to improve the absorption of Calcium and Vitamin A, which strengthens the bones, into the bones and teeth. Bone diseases like rickets and eye diseases such as conjunctivitis can be prevented with enough intake of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D can be found in salmon and sardines which might be rare in your recipe. Milk added with Vitamin D can also be found on the market. But a little tip with little effort can give you enough store of it. The sun rays enable the skin to produce Vitamin D. Two or three times of direct sun exposure for ten or fifteen minutes per week would give enough Vitamin D for an adult.

Vitamin A and D are two of numerable vitamins that help you grow taller. Others, such as Vitamin Bs, E, K, are all that should not be neglected when you are preparing your diet. Such Vitamins are so important a factor for growth in height that you should try to intake as much as possible.

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