Do Wildcrafted Herbs Perform As Well As Organic Essential Oils?

When choosing your essential oils, there are two things you want to consider: purity, and potency. How do you know that you are getting the best essential oils, if you have two kinds to choose from: those made from wildcrafted herbs, and those made with organically grown herbs?

For some people, it is a matter of preference – and it depends on which essential oils you want. For some kinds of essential oils (rose, for instance), it is important to know the country or region of origin, as well as whether it is wildcrafted or organically grown. Most people know that the best rose essential oils come from a region in Bulgaria; the roses may or may not be grown organically, and they almost certainly will not be wildcrafted.

The main difference between wildcrafted herbs or flowers and organically grown is that wildcrafted herbs generally are not grown under commercial conditions and, therefore, not subject to the chemicals and fertilizers that agricultural companies might apply to the soil or crop. So they will usually already be free of objectionable substances, which is one of the main reasons you would seek organic essential oils – for their purity.

As for the potency, some people feel that wildcrafted herbs and flowers may be more potent than their organically grown counterparts. Until widespread laboratory analyses are conducted to reveal scientific differences in compounds, you must compare the results of both kinds, to select what feels right to you.

The differences can sometimes be in what you prefer: the pristine conditions of a plant grown entirely in Nature, with no assistance from humankind – or plants grown under careful organic standards, that ensure proper health and well-being of both the plant and the humans or animals who will ultimately benefit. Most of the time, both essential oils made from wildcrafted herbs and organic essential oils will give you the results you want – with none of the unwanted properties from commercially grown/chemically treated herbs or plants.

In making the Blue Eagle Invocation(TM) Liquid Smudge (made by traditional Native Americans in a sacred way), both wildcrafted and organically grown herbs and plants are used. The formula is stronger because of the careful way the ingredients are chosen, and in the way the essential oils and organic grain alcohol base are blended and prepared.

From long term experience with the Blue Eagle Invocation(TM), I would say that both wildcrafted and organic essential oils have merit and should be considered for any of your aromatherapy needs.

Michael Ortiz

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