Carrots On Candida Diet – Is It OK?

My friend was under the impression it was OK to eat carrots while on a candida diet and she has been eating a lot of them. She munches on those fresh baby carrots right out of the bag. Anyway, tonight she just happened to be reading an article when it said there was 6 grams of sugar in them. She wasn’t aware that carrots had sugar in them. She wants to know my opinion about her thinking that carrot is OK.

Carrots and green peas are both on the marginal list for low-carb diets. In addition, those baby carrots are much higher than regular carrots. They are grown that way on purpose to trick kids into liking a vegetable, I guess.

Indeed, carrots are very high in sugar. I had yeast so bad they thought I had AIDS. It was so many doctors, so many drugs, and so many herbs. Instead, so much weight loss from no sugar diet and, by the way, I have good luck finding cereals without sugar. I prefer not to take carrots, and consume other veggies instead.

Anyhow, someone I know used the Chinese herbs and Chinese douche with amazing results. Her doctor was a Chinese doctor from China who practiced the Chinese methodology and not a Western doctor practicing Chinese medicine. She gave her a bag of herbs to take and she got away from all the doctors. She was able to eat a bit of sugar, put the weight back on and got her health back. She was on antibiotics again and therefore has again begun using her Chinese herbs. She had tried the naturopathy, the iridology, the homeopathy, and had run the gamut but that was the only thing worked for her.

Michael Ortiz

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