PS3 Flashing Red Light Repair Guide – Fix My Playstation 3 Myself?

Got troubles with your PS3? Does it have the flashing red light error? Want it fixed? There are 2 ways to get this problem solved. You either send your console over to Sony, or you actually going to start fixing the problems by yourself with the use of a repair guide.

Fix my PS3 flashing red light by sending it over to Sony?

You may think right now that this is a great idea… Right? Well, let me tell you something… It’s actually the worse to get your PlayStation 3 fixed. Want to know why…? This is simply because it’s really expensive and because it’s very time consuming. Let me explain this.

You see, when you actually want to fix your console by sending it over to Sony, you’ll have to pay them $150 for the repairs. But, this is only needed if your warranty has been expired. Also, the waiting times are seriously horrible! You have to wait for literally weeks to get your PlayStation 3 back and fixed. With this, I mean that you will have to count on at least 2 weeks of waiting, and it could go up easily to 1 month…

Fix my Ps3 flashing red light by fixing it myself with the use of a repair guide?

That’s right. Want to know something? This is actually your best option you’ve got if you want a cheap, fast and an easy fix! When you are fixing your troubleshooting PlayStation 3 yourself, you don’t have to pay $150 for the repairs. The only thing you need to get, is a PlayStation 3 repair guide.

Another thing that’s better than sending it over to Sony is the time it takes. When you do it yourself, you could literally succeed within 1 day, or even within 1 hour!

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