Semen Taste – How to Have the Best Tasting Semen For Your Lover

Semen can have a bitter, neutral, or sweet taste. If you want to improve the taste of your semen this shows that you are a considerate lover. You are thinking about the pleasure of your partner.

Semen is made by the endocrine system in your body from the foods you eat. So food choice can influence the taste of your ejaculate. Lifestyle habits such as smoking can also make a difference.

To improve the taste of your semen consume more alkaline foods. Alkaline foods are fruits and vegetables. Pineapple and papaya are goods fruits. In addition these fruits have digestive enzymes which help digest proteins. Their good nutrition value and ease of assimilation by the body make them invaluable foods.

Foods that contain chlorophyll are good for your ejaculate. Celery, parsley, alfalfa, wheat grass , and green barley all have a high amount of chlorophyll. Modern diets seriously lack this nutrient. Add it. Your health, and your semen, will thank you.

Carrots and cucumbers are alkaline foods. Carrot juice is popular and is a good source of vitamin A. Cucumber is high in the mineral potassium. It can also be juiced.

Apples, oranges, and pears are common fruits that are great. Their availability and makes them simple to add to your eating plan. You are what you eat. That includes your semen.

To recap one of the best ways to improve semen taste is by eating alkaline forming foods. Alkaline foods give your ejaculate a sweet taste. They are good for you too. Now let’s have a look at what to avoid. Coffee and smoking can give semen a bitter taste. So can garlic. But if you increase the amount of alkaline foods you eat you may be able to counter this. Anything that is acid tends to give semen a bitter taste. The tips are enough to give you a good start.

Great tasting semen is possible for anyone. Your partner will love you anyway for what you are. One of the greatest compliments a guy can get from a female is, “Gee, you taste so nice!”

Michael Ortiz

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