Vitamin D is essential to helping your body to absorb calcium, which increases healthy bone density and calcium levels in the bloodstream. A vitamin D deficiency can lead to rickets in children and osteoporosis in older adults. Many people take calcium supplements to help support healthy and strong bones. Without […]

I’ve been searching for alternatives (alternatives to prescribed drugs, to foods, to attitude) for a very long time. A couple of decades are a long time to feel generally awful; without vibrancy, without satisfactory energy, without a clear head. People who don’t know me very well or haven’t known me […]

While traditional makeup has been around for centuries, mineral makeup (like Bare Minerals) and airbrush makeup (like Luminess Air) have become the talk of the entertainment industry recently. These new forms of makeup offer promises of easier and quicker application while increasing your overall beauty. Do either of them live […]

MP Assault Review: Price Per Serving= $0.84 / Serving MP Assault Review: What made MP Assault 2012′s number 1 best selling pre-workout supplement? It’s a really nicely-rounded supplement that performs well, and receives great reviews. Assault contains some of the highest quality ingredients without over doing it in any one […]