A Shade Guide is Used to Measure Teeth Whitening Results

It will help to know that when a person is looking into a teeth whitening practice the expected results can be measured through a number of shades. The number of shades that a teeth whitening process can handle will vary. A shade guide will be used to help with showing the possible results that one can get off of a teeth whitening process.

A shade guide will work with a series of hues. The lightest and whitest of these hues will be on the left end of the process. The right end will feature the darkest color of teeth.

The guide is going to work to show the potential standards for shades. These are shades that can vary according to a number of things. They can involve things like tooth discoloration that has been caused by a poor diet. They can also cover shades that can be created from discoloration that is caused by the use of certain types of prescription drugs.

The guide will work to help with measuring the colors that will be handled on the teeth as they are treated. A doctor will work to take a picture of one’s teeth before a teeth whitening practice is handled. The doctor will then take a new picture of the same teeth after the whitening is taken care of. Both pictures will be measured to see how many shades the teeth have changed according to a shade guide.

The shade guide that is most commonly used is the Vitapan Classic Shade Guide. This is a guide that works with sixteen different types of shades. This is a good scale that can show the many different colors that one’s teeth can become.

It will help to know that the average person who is going to get into a teeth whitening practice can expect one’s teeth to become whiter by two to five shades according to the Vitapan Classic Shade Guide. The teeth can end up becoming even whiter in some cases.

It will help to take a look at a shade guide to get an idea of the potential results that one can get when looking into a teeth whitening process. This is so it will be easier for a person to see what results one will be able to get into. This can help to get a person to see if a teeth whitening process is going to be worth it for one’s needs.

Michael Ortiz

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