A Simple Effective Breathing Technique To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Since ancient times, people have been trying to develop techniques to better control their breathing which helps them in their overall health and well-being. Most disciplines of martial arts, Chinese Kung Fu or even meditation focussed on developing better control over breathing. This can have an overall effect of giving you a heightened sense of control over your body and arousal level. This in turn will provide you with better control over your ejaculation when it comes to sex.

Most men make short fast breaths during sex which is a critical mistake. It makes your heart pump faster and makes you too excited and aroused quickly which has the eventual effect of premature ejaculation. Controlling your breathing and arousal level is the key to preventing premature ejaculation. To last longer in bed, you need to simply pay greater attention to your breathing by taking and maintaining slow, sustained deep breathing throughout the entire process. This must be done right from the start to be able to prevent premature ejaculation.

Here is an extremely effective breathing technique which can help prevent premature ejaculation. This technique is called “Triangular Breathing” and is rooted in Yoga and other similar forms of meditation. It helps develop intense calmness and relaxation of the body. This has the effect of reliving any kind of performance anxiety and lowering your arousal level so that it can be better controlled. It is recommended that this breathing exercise be done each day to improve your energy level, breathing control, feeling of well-being in your body and serotonin production.

How to Perform Triangular Breathing

It can be easily done with 4 steps. It can be practised as a daily exercise or during sex.

1. Inhale for three seconds.
2. Hold your breath for three seconds.
3. Exhale for three seconds.
4. Start over again.

It is a simple breathing technique where breathing is carried out at equal intervals of three seconds with three processes. It need not be three seconds though, as you can choose an interval which you prefer and works better for you. When you first begin to try this breathing technique during sex, you might want to count the seconds in your mind as you carry out the breathing. It might be good to do so especially during times when your excitement and arousal get too high. Counting the seconds and focussing your mind on counting and your breathing can help relax and take your focus away from your arousal. You don’t have to count the seconds in your mind once you get used to it and you are able to make the breathing naturally.

You may find that this breathing technique does not do much in regard to helping them last longer in bed. However, keep in mind that Rome was not built in a single day. Consistent and persistent exercise in this breathing technique will ensure that you reap the benefits of this breathing technique. Not only will it help in preventing premature ejaculation, you will find yourself in better control of your body and arousal as well as feeling more calm and relaxed if you practised it daily.

Last but not least, this breathing technique can be made more effective if you are able to visualize a triangle as you count your breathing. Mentally picture a point moving from the tips of an equilateral triangle as you inhale, hold and exhale. This helps to keep your rhythm as you breathe and relax. Besides preventing premature ejaculation, this breathing exercise will help you concentrate better on your work, un-clutter your mind and relieves you of whatever stress you find yourself in.

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