Aion Leveling Guide – 3 Great Abyss Leveling Spots

Since I started leveling in the Abyss areas in Aion Online, quests were not enough anymore and I had to grind quite a lot. I even got an Aion leveling guide to enhance my progress and to cover as many quests as possible in the shortest time.

This Aion leveling guide didn’t only show me a few excellent quest routes, I’ve also learned about many great grinding spots in Abyss. Here are some of them, for players over level 30.

1. First spot it located in the Upper Abyss, at Lake Asteria, to the North-East. The mobs to be grinded on here, are the Mirrorglass Waterworms, level 30. They are pretty squishy and they drop nice loot.

2. Second spot is situated on the top island, west of Lake Asteria. It doesn’t have a name, but you can’t miss the level 33-34 Balaur faction mobs. XP here is pretty nice, the mobs have a “juicy” loot table and they also drop Kinah. You will get here nice amounts of Abyss Points as well.

3. Last spot I’m going to show here, that this Aion leveling guide has brought to my knowledge, is placed on the lower island, West from Lake Asteria. The mobs here are level 33 to lvel 34 Undead type, and give excellent amounts of XP.

However, these spots are becoming more and more known by players, and the ganking here sometimes is very annoying. But looking at the full side, you’ll get plenty of PvP fun here.

Michael Ortiz

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