Bee Pollen For Bodybuilding – Getting Your Essential Protein From Bee Pollen

Using bee pollen for bodybuilding is an excellent way for building muscle and obtaining good nutrition at the same time. This is because this pollen is an amazing nutritional powerhouse which on a calorie basis has twice as much protein as beef.

Why are bodybuilders interested in proteins?

Proteins are needed by humans for maintenance and body growth, and as such are the building blocks of the body.

The amino acids contained in the proteins are essential as we need 20 amino acids to function, 11 of which are non-essential and can be synthesized by the body, and 9 are which are essential and can only be obtained from food.

From a bodybuilder’s point of view protein is very important as whilst we all need daily protein, bodybuilders and athletes need much more than sedentary individuals.

They will follow a high protein diet as part of their training as they need to build new tissue, which includes muscle, and also for repairing damaged tissue caused by that training.

The benefits of this pollen are many and varied and are of interest to everyone who is interested in being fit and healthy.

It contains all the nutrients needed for good health such as vitamins A, B including B-Complex and B12, C and D. All the recognized minerals are also present such as iron, calcium, zinc, copper, manganese, magnesium and potassium.

It is also an excellent source of BCAA (Branched chain) amino acids which can be absorbed directly by muscles, and which is of particular interest to bodybuilders.

The pollen also controls metabolism, which in turn controls weight and appetite and this will ensure that bodybuilders are without any excess fat caused by their protein intake.

Some additional benefits which are also beneficial for bodybuilders are increased energy and stamina, a strengthened immune system and increased fertility.

As you can see this super food is an excellent and natural way to obtain the sort of benefits sought by body builders in their quest for building muscle and at the same time still remain fit and healthy.

Bee pollen bodybuilding supplements

This pollen can be taken as granules or in supplement form. Supplements are the easiest way to obtain these benefits as they are manufactured in such a way that it is easily absorbed.

However, there are many supplements which are not quite all that they claim to be, do not include the ingredients mentioned on the label or are created using polluted pollen.

We use a supplier in New Zealand which manufactures to GMP pharmaceutical standards, and who provides test certificates of pureness. This way we use our pollen supplements with a clear mind and achieve an overall feeling of energy and well being.

Michael Ortiz

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