Breville Juicer: What’s Good About It – And What’s Not

Whether you are a beginner level juicer or an expert, using the Breville Centrifugal Juicer is easy. This is because it’s a highly versatile machine. It is fast and can process vast amounts of produces in a few minutes time.

There is a way to get more juice out of greens even with a centrifugal Breville juicer. Tightly wrap the leaves in a cylindrical roll, either around a piece of carrot or ginger, or on its own and feed it through the inlet tube.

This helps keep the leaves in contact with the blades longer and so it is able to extract more juice. The juice can be stored in the fridge for up to two days. This allows flexibility and convenience to busy people who need something easy and fast to use.

You won’t be spending long hours in the kitchen juicing for your large family. If you have tight schedule with varied demands on your time you will want the fast juicer to help add nutrition to your family’s diet.

You can feed full carrots and other vegetables too. This means that you don’t spend all your free time cutting and chopping produce to feed through the juicer.

From time to time our smoothies might not turn out exactly the way we want.

If your smoothie is too thick, add a little water, juice or milk to it. Then give it another whirl in the blender and it should all be fine.

In case a smoothie is too thin, then freeze your fruits and berries. A frozen banana makes the smoothie thick and creamy. Add frozen ice or frozen yoghurt. Then run the juicer at a high-speed setting for 20 seconds and enjoy a thick, creamy smoothie.

Another helpful function with the Breville juicer is its reverse function. Having a reverse function on a juicer, especially a vertical juicer, is essential. High fiber vegetables like celery can create balls of strings which block the outflow. The reverse function deals with blockages.

Breville juicers that have the lowest number of removable parts are the easiest to clean. It’s also great if components are dishwasher safe.

Extra accessories and attachments. Many juicers come with accessories that help with cleaning (brushes, scrapers) or juicing (utensils to push fruits or vegetables down the chute). High-end juicers offer multiple filters/screens or attachments to increase functionality.

If you plan on drinking fresh juice without any processing for nutritional benefits go for a cold press slow juicer as it preserves and extracts maximum nutrition from the juice.

In centrifugal Breville juicers the rapid spinning of the disc causes heating of juice and the oxidation due to the air entering the juice due to the turbulence generated. The cold press slow juicers on the other hand rotate very slowly with hardly any agitation of juice.

Due to these factors juice extracted by this process has more minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. This means your body gets the best possible nutrition from every glass.

Michael Ortiz

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